Discussion on pad/pocket up-to-face from datum-based sketch

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Discussion on pad/pocket up-to-face from datum-based sketch

Postby jnxd » Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:37 pm

Based on ickby's suggestion, posting a private conversation between him and I on the title of this thread.

jnxd wrote:Hi ickby.

I was looking through the code of PartDesign, with a target to figure out the cause behind issue #2441, and trying to use the files in this post as the minimal files. While I wasn't able to figure out the reason for #2441, I did discover a bug where pockets and pads up to a face could not be made, and tried solve it. Whenever I tried to do it, through the GUI or console, I'd get an error "Not supported sub-shape type". The problem seems to come from ProfileBased::getSupportFace(), particularly when Toposhape::getSubShape() is called. I made an educated guess as of what to return, and heve put my edits in this commit. Could you look through the code and tell me if I'm doing it right?


Ickby's comments can be found on the commit itself. Any input from the rest of the community?