Audi V10 Exhaust Manifold Flange Design

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Audi V10 Exhaust Manifold Flange Design

Postby rayhall » Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:52 am


This is my first CAD design. It is free for anyone to use. It is exhaust manifold flange for the Audi V10 engine. The one flange suits both sides of the engine. The way of attaching the flange to the head is quit unique. It is designed to wedge into a bar bolted to the cylinder head just under the ports. There are bolts only on the top side. These are angled a 30 degrees. When the nuts are tightened they wedge the flange against the bar.

I would like to thank all that helped with the design. I am now a convert to this CAD stuff.


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