Paid FreeCAD work.

Post here if you have a FreeCAD-related job to offer to the FreeCAD community. This can include programming or modeling.
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Re: Paid FreeCAD work.

Postby saul » Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:13 pm

jeno wrote:
saul wrote:As I need to try something to make some progress here I've exported one of the five sides of the box to STEP. It saves ok and I can re-open it except that all the pockets went flat upon re-opening. However, after pressing keys (pretty much at random) a separate image could be dragged away from the image which initially appeared. This second image had all the pocket information showing. I'm not sure if I could duplicate the process. Any idea what is going on in this situation?
Thank you.

Hi Saul,
probably you did not exported the last design step of your piece. It's mandatory to choose the last feature you used for the piece you want to export. If you choose a feature before or probably more you may export more than on solid nested in itself.
If you don't mind please post this step-file.
Btw. what size is this box? Do you work with metric or imperial dimensions?

Thanks Jeno, you are correct. I tried it again as you suggested and it worked fine.

I've today found a machinist just 1/4mile away using Autodesk Inventor (which can read .step files) and so finally I think I might have some progress.

Thanks jmaustpc and others for their suggestions / input which helped clear the water
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Re: Paid FreeCAD work.

Postby Freikater » Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:17 am

Dear All,

as asked elsewhere already (and over and above my private talks with Linden) :

is anyone out there to lead my hand on my screen with my model,
and give explanations of it over the phone (at my charges)

for €15 for each started slot of 15mins

each slot triggering an additional donation of €5 to the FreecadProject)

? ? ?

To keep expenses low: SMS to +49 157 35 59 69 89, I call back.

German, French and English will do.

It is sooo frustrating to be stuck with my little hurdles...
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Re: Paid FreeCAD work.

Postby jmaustpc » Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:19 am

Freikater wrote:as asked elsewhere already

Please don't hijack other topics....just create your own topic once, you can "bump" by adding a new post to your topic if you wish. Ultimately, if no one is interested in taking up your offer, then please let it go.

As far as your help request, I suggest you read/watch all the free resources out their first, including the wiki and bejant, quick61 and many other's Youtube videos. Note that FreeCAD's development has been rapid so a lot of help data will age quite quickly, although mostly the simple basic stuff should be much the same.
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Re: Paid FreeCAD work.

Postby sgrogan » Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:46 pm

Freikater wrote:German, French and English will do.
It is sooo frustrating to be stuck with my little hurdles...

Freikator, you may try here:
EDIT: and this I believe rockn has Q&A after the presentation.