Redesigning MantisBT 2.x FreeCAD Theme

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Re: Redesigning MantisBT 2.x FreeCAD Theme

Postby kkremitzki » Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:20 am

saso wrote:Great, if you add z-index: 1027; (or more) to freecad.css footer{} ln 51 it will go above the side bar, at least in chrome it does :) Personally I would not remove the footer, but I do have this itch for some time now to move GitHub up to with Forum, Wiki and Mantis (personally I like when the source of an open source project is clearly accessible) and maybe add twitter or gitter on its place in the footer? Anyway, looking forward to see this on the main server soon :)

Nice, I think I actually like that solution the best.

I tested more and it looks like the Search plugin doesn't work for Mantis 2.x, at all. There's a search in View Issues though so I figure it'd be okay to just remove the search bar from the header. From what I found there's no plan to port the plugin because there's already a built-in search.

Edit: Actually, nvm, it causes issues with the sidebar.