Offtopic: PSVR and 3d visualisation

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Offtopic: PSVR and 3d visualisation

Postby Brutha » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:47 am

Hi All,

I bought myself a Playstation VR last week, and have been really impressed with it: although the resolution is not that high, the smoothness and stability of the head tracking makes it really immersive compared to something like Google Cardboard.

It already works very well for displaying normal non-stereo 360 panoramas - stitched panos taken from my drone look really good! And it's also quite nice to pad non-360 panoramas from the iPhone.

I'd like to take it a stage further though: a month or two back, I took a FreeCAD model of my house and garage and put it into Blender. I then created a 360 stereoscopic "over n under" render, which I could view on google cardboard via an app called "Mobile VR station". It worked very nicely, but would love to do the same with PSVR.

I'm not expecting miracles here, Sony are known for being very "closed" with their hardware! But if anyone has had any success with using PSVR in this way, or for viewing proper 3d files, e.g. a .obj, I'd be very interested to hear about it!