Part WB Loft and Sweep GUI tool problems limitations bugs

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Part WB Loft and Sweep GUI tool problems limitations bugs

Postby jmaustpc » Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:06 am

Hi all

this is a post with an example file showing Part WB Loft and Sweep GUI tool problems/limitations/bugs.

I wanted to make a dinning room chair back. So I tried 5 different approaches, the first worked but with a face rendered past the end on the ellipse and only the last worked perfectly.

1) I tried to loft from one Part ellipse to another and could only get a surface even with "make solid" ticked
2) as described here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2762 I created a top and bottom ellipse from Part create primitives, then used Part Shape Builder to create a Part Face from the ellipse. The face was longer than the ellipse (a bug), still I lofted (but only got a surface surface) between the two ellipses, then got the two faces from ellipses and the loft surface, then added them together to make a shell in Part Shape Builder, then used Part Shape Builder again to make the shell into a solid. This did work except that the top and bottom ellipses did render to long in the x direction.
3) I made a top sketch and a bottom sketch. Loft between sketches also only made a surface despite having ticked "make solid"
4) then I created a sketch for a path and used Part Sweep with the two ellipses and the sketch for Path, it worked except that is would not make a solid even though "make solid" was ticked, so I only got a surface again.
5) this finally worked, I created a sketch for the top and another for the bottom, then another sketch for the path, I then used Part Sweep from one sketch to the other using the third as the Path and ticked "make solid" which produced a solid. :)

I have made a mantis ticket for this, here: - ... php?id=768

this is the file containing the examples.