3D Skizze nicht sichtbar

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3D Skizze nicht sichtbar

Post by kangnguyen »

The Best Rated Coolers on the Market In 2020: Short Reviews

For camping trips or long day hikes, you would be missing out on a lot if you don’t have a heavy duty ice chest with you. The ability to bring fresh food and drink while keeping them nice and cold, and ready for use at any time is highly sought after by experienced trailblazers. If you haven’t found a good cooler to bring with you already, now is a great time to start.

In this article, we will be showing you our picks of the best rated coolers on the market in 2020.

۝۝۝ See It Here: Best Ice Chest In The World - The Top Rated Coolers Image

1. Coleman 70 Quart Coastal Xtreme Series

The Coleman 70 Quart is a high performing, compact, and reliable cooler that you can definitely count on to be able to do the job.

After testing the Coleman 70, we have concluded that this cooler is a true heavy duty workhorse. The thick insulated walls of the cooler managed to keep the ice we put inside for testing purposes up to a full week before they all thawed out.

That’s the sort of performance that we expect high-end ice chests to offer, so seeing it in a $50.00 ice chest came as a shock.

It is compact, weighing a mere 13.4 pounds when it’s empty and when topped with ice, the entire cooler weighs about 50 to 60 pounds.


The design is comprehensive with cup holders and a ruler for measuring food ingredients or meat cuts. The channeled drain design makes draining simpler and quicker, too. We also greatly appreciate the huge internal volume of this cooler, having 70 quarts of space within.

The majority of the components on the cooler are replaceable. You can swap whichever part that has worn down after a period of use (typically the hinges) by ordering them directly from the company and swap them in. This ability makes the cooler incredibly long-lasting.

But we don’t recommend this cooler if you know that your trips are going to be especially rough. It is not equipped to deal with anything more than the elements or some occasional jostles and falls like a bear attack. For that, check the Image Top Rated Coolers For Camping.

2. RTIC 65

Like we said before, if you’re looking for something that can both keep your food and drink completely ice cold as well as being durable enough to keep up with you on more extreme trips, the RTIC 65 is the way to go.

The key to the RTIC 65’s great durability is in its high-impact plastic, rotomolded body. But while rotomolded coolers often have a bad reputation for being unwieldy and impractical, the RTIC 65 remains fairly lightweight and mobile.

Weighing about 36.5 lbs empty and dimensions of 32” X 17” X 18”, it has a nice balance between compactness and carrying capacity. Our calculations suggest that it would be able to hold up to 60 beverage cans and 65 lbs to 70 lbs of ice. It’s unlikely you would ever find yourself short of space.


The design of the cooler is quite user friendly. When the lids are closed, the air seals are completely tight. The lid (along with the hinges) works together to remain open easy enough to make loading and unloading the contents inside a breeze.

The drain has been well-designed, too, and we found that it could draw thawed water very quickly and efficiently.

On grounds of performance, this best ice cooler doesn’t disappoint, either. It can effortlessly hold ice for up to a week at a time (but still short of the advertised 10-day ice frozen period.)


That concludes one of our reviews of the Best Coolers In The World Image! We hope that you’ve found the article to be useful. Be sure to check out our other reviews to see more great options if you’re looking for more samples of what the market has to offer.
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Re: 3D Skizze nicht sichtbar

Post by chrisb »

Hallo und willkommen im Forum!

Kannst Du vielleicht einen Screenshot erstellen, der Dein Problem zeigt? Die Standard-Farben mögen manchmal nicht besonders elegant sein, aber sie sind in Sachen Sichtbarkeit schon sehr gut gewählt. Manchmal hilft es, das Objekt in der 3D-Ansicht etwas zu drehen.

Ansonsten: in Einstellungen->Anzeige->Farben kann man allgemein Farben einstellen. In Einstellungen->Skizze->Farben gibt es spezielle Einstellungen für den Sketcher.
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Re: 3D Skizze nicht sichtbar

Post by HarryGeier »

Oder etwas Transparenz auf den ganzen Body

Bei mir ist dieser Effekt aber nur im Modus "Schattiert" so. In normaler bzw "Flache Linien", sehe ich den draufsitzenden Körper.

Die SKIZZE muss man erst mal sichtbar schalten,und die Linen dürfen keine Hilfslinien sein, die sieht man nur im Sketcher.
Kaum macht man´s richtig , gehts´s
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