Here's the place for discussion related to CAM/CNC and the development of the Path module.
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Postby RatonLaveur » Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:37 pm

Hi folks, I vaguely follow the work of the QCAD team because that's still the preferred 2D drafting tool used around me. (Although I'm making a push for FC Draft WB ;) )

Generally, the workflow was QCAD-->Proprietary CAM software to perform tool paths, but recently we noticed QCAD's offering CAM capabilities. They seem simple and rather intuitive.

Anyway, I thought some of the Path gurus might be interested in seeing how that workflow looks like:

I especially like the look of the OP definition menus, they are quite intuitive with the diagrams and limited set of options. (read limited in terms of polish but also in terms of "FreeCAD has more").

Something I had not quite thought of, is that PathWB is constrained on screen by the Task panel, but QCAD automatically pops-up a large window for setting up the OP, and that actually makes the UI a lot more visual and manageable. Enables the liberal use of diagrams, also gives immediately overview of all aspects of the OP definition, without having to scroll up-and-down or expand/reduce sections.

Anyhow. This post is not a "grass is greener", far from it. It's more a take inspiration from the whole ecosystem.

Added goodies: they seem to work on nesting :D

Bear in mind I cannot comment yet on usability since I'm a FC honcho and therefore do not use Q-CAD regularly.

EDIT: I have missed the part where the CAM part is based on Q-Cad professional and therefore is a pay to play implement. Although with a rather generous license (permanent, and rather cheap).