Pocket with island - finish pass strategy

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Pocket with island - finish pass strategy

Postby alex::freecad » Wed May 22, 2019 4:13 pm

Hi all,

Im currently setting up a series of easy to follow tutorial regarding FOSS (and esp. Freecad) for the mpcnc.

Many mpcnc user state
I tested Freecad once, it was not as expected
I think this relates to older versions. Path workbench has been heavily developed and I think it could be worth getting some more mpcnc 'machinists' to using it.

I plan to provide some basic tutorials for basic operations and link to e.g. sliptonics great tutorials for more details.

Currently I have a series to get from zero to a pocket with island part.
I will add how to configure step down, ramp in and holding tags.

What I'm not clear about is how would be the best strategy for finish passes on the pocket and island?
I would like to show both:
a) having an individual path for the pocket and island, respectively (could be that someone is interested in the island and would like to use 2 finishing passes there, but noon on the pocket)
b) for convenience: apply a finish pass to both (pocket and island) in one go

For now I was not able to add a contour pass to the island of his part: https://alexpgh.github.io/foss-toolchai ... xmill4.png (it in the appended freecad file)
Any hint about on which surface/body to click etc. would be highly appreciated

Second question:
Regarding milling 3d surfaces. I read that one needs opencamlib for that.
Currently, I'm on FreeCAD_0.18-16110 but tested 0.19 yesterday. Only 0.19 complained about missing opencamlib (I need to install it).
-> which would be a good version to base further tutorials on? 0.18 or are there some things (e.g. 3d surface milling) missing?
And where to best start reading about surface 3d milling?

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Re: Pocket with island - finish pass strategy

Postby m0n5t3r » Sat May 25, 2019 1:12 pm

will this work?

I added 2 face profile operations, both with a final depth of 15mm (since that seems to be the pocket's depth): one for the rectangular wall's top face, with "process holes" checked and "process perimeter" unchecked, and one for the island set to process the perimeter

Seems to do what it's supposed to:
Screenshot from 2019-05-25 16-10-14.png
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