Bug in Pocket and Faceing op. Gouges tool in line mode

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Bug in Pocket and Faceing op. Gouges tool in line mode

Postby IMback! » Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:00 pm

In Pocket and facing ops the the line mode mills the fist line in depth first order starting at OpStartDepth to bottom in an zig zag motion downwards. Then it mills the second second line staring at OpFinalDepth an milling upwards towards OpStartDepth destroying the tool. Also line mode dose not respect milling direction, and rasps along the part in alternating directions destroying the surface finish.

Code: Select all

G0 Z21.000000
G0 X20.330658 Y11.024094
G0 Z16.000000
G1 F4.166670 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z10.365000
G1 F30.000000 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z10.365000
G1 F4.166670 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z9.730000
G1 F30.000000 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z9.730000
G1 F4.166670 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z9.095000
G1 F30.000000 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z9.095000
G1 F4.166670 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z8.460000
G1 F30.000000 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z8.460000
G1 F4.166670 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z7.825000
G1 F30.000000 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z7.825000
G1 F4.166670 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z7.190000
G1 F30.000000 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z7.190000
G1 F4.166670 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z6.555000
G1 F30.000000 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z6.555000
G1 F4.166670 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z5.920000
G1 F30.000000 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z5.920000
G1 F4.166670 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z5.285000
G1 F30.000000 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z5.285000
G1 F4.166670 X12.833714 Y3.527150 Z5.000001
G1 F30.000000 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z5.000001
G0 X20.330658 Y11.024094 Z21.000000
G0 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z21.000000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z5.000001
G1 F30.000000 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z5.000001 (Tool destroyed here)
G1 F4.166670 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z5.285000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z5.285000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z5.920000
G1 F30.000000 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z5.920000
G1 F4.166670 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z6.555000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z6.555000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z7.190000
G1 F30.000000 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z7.190000
G1 F4.166670 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z7.825000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z7.825000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z8.460000
G1 F30.000000 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z8.460000
G1 F4.166670 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z9.095000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z9.095000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z9.730000
G1 F30.000000 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z9.730000
G1 F4.166670 X17.323842 Y3.527150 Z10.365000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z10.365000
G0 X22.278268 Y8.481576 Z21.000000
G0 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z21.000000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z10.365000
G1 F30.000000 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z10.365000
G1 F4.166670 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z9.730000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z9.730000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z9.095000
G1 F30.000000 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z9.095000
G1 F4.166670 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z8.460000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z8.460000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z7.825000
G1 F30.000000 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z7.825000
G1 F4.166670 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z7.190000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z7.190000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z6.555000
G1 F30.000000 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z6.555000
G1 F4.166670 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z5.920000
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z5.920000
G1 F4.166670 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z5.285000
G1 F30.000000 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z5.285000
G1 F4.166670 X21.813970 Y3.527150 Z5.000001
G1 F30.000000 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z5.000001
G0 X22.278268 Y3.991448 Z21.000000
G0 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z21.000000
G1 F4.166670 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z5.000001
G1 F30.000000 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z5.000001
G1 F4.166670 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z5.285000
G1 F30.000000 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z5.285000
G1 F4.166670 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z5.920000
G1 F30.000000 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z5.920000
G1 F4.166670 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z6.555000
G1 F30.000000 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z6.555000
G1 F4.166670 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z7.190000
G1 F30.000000 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z7.190000
G1 F4.166670 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z7.825000
G1 F30.000000 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z7.825000
G1 F4.166670 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z8.460000
G1 F30.000000 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z8.460000
G1 F4.166670 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z9.095000
G1 F30.000000 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z9.095000
G1 F4.166670 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z9.730000
G1 F30.000000 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z9.730000
G1 F4.166670 X8.343586 Y3.527150 Z10.365000
G1 F30.000000 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z10.365000
G0 X15.840529 Y11.024094 Z21.000000
G0 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z21.000000
G1 F4.166670 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z10.365000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z10.365000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z9.730000
G1 F30.000000 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z9.730000
G1 F4.166670 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z9.095000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z9.095000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z8.460000
G1 F30.000000 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z8.460000
G1 F4.166670 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z7.825000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z7.825000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z7.190000
G1 F30.000000 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z7.190000
G1 F4.166670 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z6.555000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z6.555000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z5.920000
G1 F30.000000 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z5.920000
G1 F4.166670 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z5.285000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z5.285000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y3.897209 Z5.000001
G1 F30.000000 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z5.000001
G0 X11.350401 Y11.024094 Z21.000000
G0 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z21.000000
G1 F4.166670 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z5.000001
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z5.000001
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z5.285000
G1 F30.000000 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z5.285000
G1 F4.166670 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z5.920000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z5.920000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z6.555000
G1 F30.000000 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z6.555000
G1 F4.166670 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z7.190000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z7.190000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z7.825000
G1 F30.000000 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z7.825000
G1 F4.166670 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z8.460000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z8.460000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z9.095000
G1 F30.000000 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z9.095000
G1 F4.166670 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z9.730000
G1 F30.000000 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z9.730000
G1 F4.166670 X4.223516 Y8.387337 Z10.365000
G1 F30.000000 X6.860273 Y11.024094 Z10.365000
G0 Z21.000000
Expected behaviour:

Operation behaves in area first mode, retracts fully between each line and respects the milling direction.
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Re: Bug in Pocket and Faceing op. Gouges tool in line mode

Postby cahlfors » Fri Aug 02, 2019 5:32 pm

I have seen this too and was hoping for the same behavior as you.
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