2 Linear + Rotary Axis CAM

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2 Linear + Rotary Axis CAM

Postby osmanager » Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:54 pm

I have recently moved from another tool that has just changed its terms of use :lol: and am totally impressed with FreeCad.
I am also fairly new to the world of CNC and so please be understanding.

I have a home build standard 3 Axis machine running GRBL 1.1f from an Arduino UNO.
However as far as I can tell this setup will only do 3 Axis.

I want to CNC cylinder shapes with grooves, extrusions and pockets and so I thought I could unplug and immobilize either x or y and use this as a rotary axis. (I have seen others run there machines in the same way)

However can I produce the CAM for this from FreeCAD - I have read a lot of the 4th Axis posts but I am thinking what I am asking is not true 4th Axis.

Are there any Addons or Macros that can unwrap a 3D object (like another well known program does) so I can then fool my CNC thinking it is still running as a 3 Axis machine?

Will the work being done on on the 4th Axis work in the way I want?

Any tutorials as to how to use FreeCAD to do what I want?

Thanks :!: