FreeCAD UI: Tasks panel is not documented

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FreeCAD UI: Tasks panel is not documented

Postby NormandC » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:38 am


This topic is related to a question that was asked in the Help forum by chrisb.

It is two-fold:
  • The Sketcher stuff in the Tasks panel is not mentioned either in the Sketcher Workbench or the PartDesign Workbench pages. (IMHO it should only be mentioned in the Sketcher wb page)
    • Sub-question is that we don't know how to call it! For Part and PartDesign tools, they are titled parameters. What should it be called for the Sketcher? Control panel? Parameters? Options? It has many widgets each with their own title and purpose, but there is no main title.
  • This made me realize that the Tasks panel's purpose is not mentioned in Getting_started#Exploring_FreeCAD which shows an overview of FreeCAD's UI.
I am not sure how this should be addressed, so I'm putting it out there for discussion...