Sketcher Made Wire / Edge Algorithm

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Sketcher Made Wire / Edge Algorithm

Postby paullee » Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:38 pm

Hi, there seem no document about this.

I have a sketch with say 4 edges - the shape has a wire, ok.

Inside Edit Mode, the edges are not necessary 'in order' - e.g. the seemingly '1st' edge of the wire outside edit mode turn out is Line(Edge2) inside edit mode.
  1. What is the logic behind how the wire is formed by Sketcher?
  2. Or how to ensure a Line (the 2 in both end) would be 'chosen' by sketcher by the 1st edge of the formed wire outside edit mode?
Thanks for any ideas?

Screenshot from 2018-10-29 03-29-49.png
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Screenshot from 2018-10-29 03-30-02.png
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