Are you looking for help regarding FreeCAD python scripting?

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Are you looking for help regarding FreeCAD python scripting?

Postby bernd » Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:10 pm

Welcome here, and thanks for your interest in python scripting features of FreeCAD! Our FreeCAD-Documentation allready offers some excellent articles regarding this topic.

- Short tutorial made for who is totally new to Python.

- Python scripting tutorial and FreeCAD Scripting Basics for a brief introduction of python scripting in FreeCAD.

- Part Module, Scripting explains the basics about scripting of geometric primitives and (topological) shapes.

- Topological data scripting describes lots of methods for creating and modifying Part shapes from python.

- FreeCAD TopoShape API docu lists all attributes and methods for TopoShapes and thus for all shapes of Part Modul.

- Code snippets contains examples, pieces, chunks of FreeCAD Python code collected from the forum.

- Macros recipes contains ready to use macros to add functionality to FreeCAD.

- Scripting examples contains some more complex scripting examples.

- Scripted objects Python Features, python-scripted objects which behave exactly as any other FreeCAD objects.

- FreeCAD dialog creation chunks of FreeCAD Python for creation of dialogs.

- Module Creation to add a new modules and workbenches in FreeCAD.

- Extra python modules has listed several external python modules that can be downloaded freely.

- External python tutorials has links to good generic tutorials, not specific to FreeCAD.

- More links you will find at the Power users hub and Category:Python_Code sections of the FreeCAD-Wiki.

- In the end the FreeCAD python API documentation will give you endless informations about all kind of functions.

- In the very last end FreeCAD Python Template Modules at the source code will give you some code to start with.

have fun, bernd
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Re: Are you looking for help regarding FreeCAD python scripting?

Postby suhasj123 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:48 am

Thanks for a awesome post I am new to python I simply want say thank you for the tutorial for who are new to python I haven't saw the topics but as I learn more about python surely come and visit other topics too. :) :) :)