Arch Survey developement

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Arch Survey developement

Postby jmaustpc » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:56 am

Hi all
Yorik, yesterday I wanted a volume so I tried to use Arch Survey and I thought it was not working, so I used Python. Today someone asked thios same question in the Help forum

so I thought I would start this topic with some feed back and ideas.

1) I assumed that one would select an object then click Survey and get a result...this does not work this way I thought the tool was broken, I didn't realise that one has to first click the Survey tool and then select an object.
2) It might also be more intuitive if selection from TreeView was allowed as input for the Survey tool, once in Survey mode.
3) a default Part Cube seemed to work quite well, once I understood how to use the tool ...however a double click on a default Part Cylinder's curved face puts the volume and surface area labels on top of each other, when I set the label to move from the context menu on the label in TreeView I could not select he arrows to move one of the labels ...but I could with the Part Cube so I wonder if the inability to select the "move" arrows is related, every time I tried to select the arrows FreeCAD would preselect the Part Cylinder behind it.
4) I discovered that if you manually delete a temporary Survey label from TreeView get an error message because the label can not be found when closing Survey. If you then try to run Survey again, it will not start it just gives an error message, because "no document object found named "SurveyLabel"
5) copy paste duplicate are disabled when in Survey I could not copy a label ...I tried this as a way to make a label persistent
6) might be a useful feature to be able to optionally make a survey label object persistent and possibly some way to export the data easily ...although one could now use spreadsheet for extracting/exporting data.

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Re: Arch Survey developement

Postby yorik » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:50 pm

hm interesting.. I didn't think about many of those aspects... Namely I didn't think it would be used jsut to get a quick list of volumes
The error when closing the tool, if a label has been deleted is clearly a bug. The tool should check if each label is there before trying to delete. I'll fix that.

The face label that sits at the same point of the volume label I saw already... Maybe we could give it a little offset...

Copying the labels, I'm not sure if it works with common labels already.. I'll check
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Re: Arch Survey developement

Postby jmaustpc » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:47 pm

Hi Yorik
yorik wrote:Copying the labels, I'm not sure if it works with common labels already.. I'll check
Copy paste and duplicate work with Draft annotations, and also with annotations produced from this code below

Code: Select all

import FreeCAD
note = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject("App::AnnotationLabel","MyNote")
note.LabelText=["This is my note"]