Stephenson's ROCKET

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Re: Stephenson's ROCKET

Postby un1corn » Fri Feb 12, 2021 12:04 pm

Hi Folks. Thanks for your further comments on Stephensons Rocket model.

F.A.O. Mcemp, you can can find detailed plans of this model which are free to download at this site:-

F.A.O. Johnwang, In many ways I agree and in my opinion as it was less sophisticated it was easier to use V0.16, especially the interference and crash detection which no longer seems to appear in later versions. I have downloaded v0.19 recently but have not yet got to grips with it.

F.A.O. chrisb. As you correctly point out there should have been an elbow at that junction as shown in the plans, also you are quite right that pipe should not be connected at that point, as shown in the link you kindly sent. However that is how it is shown in the plans, (please see plans link address above).
Thanks again guys for your comments.