reiterate support of freecad 0.16 version for dimensioning

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reiterate support of freecad 0.16 version for dimensioning

Postby YCStone_ » Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:16 am

Hello, I would like to reiterate since 0.17 is not fully delivered for production, we us here are still using 0.16 for our bread and butter work,
Please help us to solve the following issue:
1. the drawing dashed line is not configured to be changed, for example , we want it to have a clear size, when our objects are about 1.5 meters long, the dashed lines are so closed together that it seems it is a straight line, we would like to change the spaces of dashed line even at bigger object space -- thank so much
2. can someone improve the drawing dimensioning in 0.16?
3. when can 0.17 be available in mass production??
thanks for the hardwork....
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Re: reiterate support of freecad 0.16 version for dimensioning

Postby yorik » Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:34 pm

These are not easy questions :)

1 Did you try the Draft view? This can have its dashed line changed (Preferences -> Draft -> Visual settings)

2 The author of Drawing Dimensioning has no more time to work on it. I'll add the code to FreeCAD at some point, to make sure it won't get lost. But probably nobody will be working much on it anymore, the focus now is on TechDraw, which also has dimensioning tools.

3 We have no schedule in FreeCAD. So we cannot tell when 0.17 will be released. There are still big pieces to be done (python3, qt5, etc), so it might take a while. But it's easy to get a 0.17 package already from
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Re: reiterate support of freecad 0.16 version for dimensioning

Postby r-frank » Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:52 pm

YCStone_ wrote:1. the drawing dashed line is not configured to be changed, for example

Please have a look at this video (sorry, only german audio available at the moment).
Starting from minute 47:00 you can see i am using Sketches for the dashed/dotted lines.
Just draw the sketch, insert it in the drawing, change the drawing style of the sketch-object you just put
on the drawing page via its data tab and adjust the values for the lines via the draft preferences (like Yorik wrote).

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Re: reiterate support of freecad 0.16 version for dimensioning

Postby triplus » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:55 pm

Hi @YCStone_.

Due to Drawing workbench and additional Drawing Dimensioning module being in development for years they indeed do offer production ready solution. The idea of combining and providing them both side by side with TechDraw in FreeCAD 0.17 was likely born because of that.

There is much to be said about Drawing workbench. For example in FreeCAD 0.16 it has rather severe issues related to drawing templates support. This was fixed once FreeCAD 0.17 development cycle already started. And although Drawing Dimensioning module added parametric support for dimensions in one of the last commits it broke support for Draft Drawing geometry. Therefore there is a trade-off involved. Do you want parametric dimensions (that is they are updated once the underlying model geometry changes) or do you want support for dimensioning Draft Drawing geometry. If you would like to add dimensions to Draft Drawing geometry you need to use slightly older version of Drawing Dimensioning module and not the latest one. Now as Yorik suggested you can have control over Draft Drawing geometry hidden lines:



But as for Drawing workbench made views you have no control over the hidden line. I once investigated this and the solution would be to take scale into consideration:

But as that didn't happen you can do that in post-processing phase yourself. That is do as much as you can in FreeCAD. Export the drawing to SVG. Select and change the hidden line "pattern" in Inkscape.