Meshlab quad mesh to Freecad (without triangles)

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Meshlab quad mesh to Freecad (without triangles)

Postby Serchu » Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:03 pm

Hi, I have an very fine scan data of a bone, and want to create a 3D CAD solid to following my workflow. The initial data was an STL file with about 9e6 triangles, so I have opened with Meshlab, reduced the quantity of triangles to about 6000, export as STL and using Artmesh convert it to a full quad mesh. Have imported again this full quad mesh in Meshlab and applied some filters to smooth this mesh, finally geting a really nice quad mesh/shape (see pics).

Now my problem... in which format I could export the mesh to Freecad keeping the smooth quads to then convert to a solid part? I have tried with STL, OBJ, 3Ds, Collada, ply... but all formats are readed as triangles (non smothed) in Freecad.

Best regards
2018-09-07 14_02_17-MeshLab 2016.12 - [Project_2].png
2018-09-07 14_02_17-MeshLab 2016.12 - [Project_2].png (563.57 KiB) Viewed 679 times
2018-09-07 13_54_49-.png
2018-09-07 13_54_49-.png (247.33 KiB) Viewed 679 times