0001304: Allow Sketcher to Fillet Arcs, Not Only Lines

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Re: 0001304: Allow Sketcher to Fillet Arcs, Not Only Lines

Postby NormandC » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:18 pm

lsces wrote:
Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:57 pm
and it would be nice if the forum actually sent email notifications of posts!
Have you had a look in your User Control panel? It's all in there.
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Re: 0001304: Allow Sketcher to Fillet Arcs, Not Only Lines

Postby lsces » Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:17 pm

NormandC wrote:
Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:16 pm
FreeCAD has improved leaps and bounds since you registered here 4 years ago. But you have to be willing to learn its features.
And on that, I think that the whole discussion you started has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, and should be split into a separate one.
That may be the case. I've had some success recently pulling existing DXF files in and using Path to generate gcode. The problem I'm currently looking at is not one I can 'fix' by simply adjusting the gcode that is created. I'm looking to model what is actually quite a simple 3D component, but it's constraints are angles and circles rather than straight lines. Ideally the spokes are tapered elliptical but one can normally get away with rounded edges. The thing I was battling on 0.17 was not being able to select the arced corners to fillet them at all! Now THAT may be the wrong way of doing it anyway, and currently since my last post I did spend a little time trying to re-do once of the openings but just changing each constraint is taking over 30 second to complete on what is a fairly fast 8 core machine with 32Gb of RAM. I was left with a couple of couple of points of freedom, but I've not worked out the best way to find them, and probably more important is just how to put in the extra fixed points needed after all the circle radius's on the inner and outer edges of the holes, and the rounded corners.
I am thinking now I need to model each spoke, and if they were all identical that would be easy, but the offset boss for the driving pin means that the holes shown on the drawing are easier to trace than trying to fabricate each spoke. This WOULD be easier for me to draw with conventional tools as I started using AutoCAD at version 2.5 and still have the dongle for that! Re-learning is not just a matter of reading the limited instructions in the manual , it's also unlearning 30+ years of experience and finding out just what does replace ones normal design paths ... and just where to add fillets such as in sketch or part depends on how each workbench handles them or interacts with one another? I have a number of known constraints but having to manually add them to 32 corners and wait 30 seconds for each to apply ... something is not right?

( I'm getting emails now I've selected 'quoted you' but 'Notify Me' had not worked with previous posts despite my thinking I was subscribed to the topic )