Boolean operations, numerical precision, and object scale

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Boolean operations, numerical precision, and object scale

Postby gwicke » Sat Oct 19, 2019 4:15 am


while working on molds for hydrofoil wings I ran into repeated issues with boolean operation failures when cutting a wing loft out of a cube. I think much of it has to do with the fine shapes involved, especially near the trailing edge of the wing. So after pretty much exhausting my ideas on a 300x100mm wing, I tried to simply scale up the design. Amazingly, this made the boolean cut work! At 10x the size (3x1m), I was able to reliably cut the foil out of a solid block. Cuts with the foil partially immersed into the block (creating very sharp slices) still failed, but scaling everything up another 100x made those work as well.
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I was a bit surprised that these precision effects would kick in at fairly typical workpiece sizes. Reading through the OpenCascade docs & the forum, I found some discussion of tolerances, but not so much on precision. I played a bit with the OpenScad WB "Increase tolerance" tool, but at first sight it seems to do the opposite of what I am looking for, which seems to be more about increasing the "signal / noise" ratio between numerical precision and feature size.

So now I am wondering if better boolean operation reliability could be achieved without the scale-up hack. ... de_09.html mentions the Precision::Confusion default tolerance at 1e-7, and I see this referenced in quite a few places in the freecad codebase as well. This already seems fairly low. So is the issue here basic numerical precision, especially for more complex shapes like lofted splines?
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Re: Boolean operations, numerical precision, and object scale

Postby hammax » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:36 am

… I'm also playing with foils a.s.o.
First I substitute the profile-data of wire/bspline by a sketcher BSpline.
(have a look at your trailing edge!)
With my profiles it is possible to do the foil and upper and lower mold by loft.
You will have no problem with precision by changing parameters in VisualTab.

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scale 1:1 ???
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