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Re: 1st submission

Postby chrisb » Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:17 pm

SupDoc wrote:
Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:37 pm
Could you please help me post an image on FreeCAD forum?
It is described in the IMPORTANT link above.
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Re: 1st submission

Postby SupDoc » Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:54 pm

Under the text input area, click on the Attachments tab, then click on the Add files button. (Many different file formats are supported)
I don't find the attachments tab in the text input area. I have a PNG file copied to my clipboard, but no place to paste it. If I right click on the text area a menu comes up with paste as an option, I click on it and nothing happens. What a bonehead must be! Send me a screen shot of what they are talking about here, please.
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Re: 1st submission

Postby Roy_043 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:58 pm

Attachments_Tab.png (39.04 KiB) Viewed 107 times

Note: You cannot paste images from the clipboard.