OpenSCAD minkowski & Fillet

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OpenSCAD minkowski & Fillet

Postby keithsloan52 » Thu Feb 06, 2020 10:50 pm

In Marius Kintel's FOSDEM 2020 talk on OpenSCAD he discussed the challenge of Fillets with OpenSCAD.

Now in my experience I have seen people use the OpenSCAD minkowski command to create fillets. With the OpenSCAD
workbench use of minkowski results in the creation of a mesh.

Now the following is an experiment to see of the OpenSCAD importer can recognise certain minkowski requests and convert these to a Part
Fillet rather than a mesh.

Attached is a modified version of - You need to download it and replace the version in /usr/lib/freecad-daily/Mod/OpenSCAD.
Suggest you save the existing version as
(44.79 KiB) Downloaded 5 times
Here are the test files used todate.
(64 Bytes) Downloaded 7 times
(56 Bytes) Downloaded 9 times
The questions are
* Is this generic enough?
* Do people think this is worthwhile?
* Please supply other test files that you think should be handled but are not.
* Should a Part::Chamfer rather than Part::Fillet be used?
* With minkowski_B the "fillet" shows okay with OpenSCAD but the size of the radius of the sphere is too large for a fillet radius,
anybody able to explain what OpenSCAD is doing with this radius that makes it okay in native OpenSCAD

Note: I will be posting a link to this post in the OpenSCAD forum.
Thanks @felipe for his help todate.