Difference between the coordinates

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Difference between the coordinates

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Hello. What's the difference between the coordinates in the Link section and the Assembly section of a Link to a part inside a Model?
When I created the link, I was able to choose the coordinate systems to match, and the offset and angle adjustments worked, but the units did not make sense. For example, to get the part link where I wanted it, I adjusted the z offset to "100". The field will not take a unit specifier like "100 in". What are those units? After the link is in the model, should I change the placement in the Link section, or the Attachment Offset in the Assembly section? The coordinates in the Link seem to be locked. Why is the Link Transform boolean set to false? When should I use that? What's the difference between an Origin and a local coordinate system in a body? Thanks.
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Re: Difference between the coordinates

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