Path: Base Body Clone, Stock, and Body View

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Path: Base Body Clone, Stock, and Body View

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When creating a job in Path, a base body clone is created under the Job (or a model body in the 0.19v). This does not align with the original body created, showing two views that are misaligned. For Path users, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

My question is whether I need to manually reposition the original body to align with the newly generated Base Body Clone, or can this just be ignored?

I've seen some videos on this, however this is still not clear to me.

Thanks for your support.

Youtube reference 1, time stamp 7:32 ,
Youtube reference 2, time stamp 6:18,

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Re: Path: Base Body Clone, Stock, and Body View

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I am not sure what you are seeing. Initially the Job model clone lies exactly of top of the original model.

You can move the clone wherever you want in order to set the (0,0,0) position for the Path operations. It is not necessary to move the clone, but for most people it is more convenient the set the zero point to match the machine zero.

The Job dialog has a number of convenient controls to move the clone.

You never need to move the original model. It is not used by the Job after the clone is created.

Both of those videos are for older versions of FreeCAD. Lots of new features in the past couple of years.

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Re: Path: Base Body Clone, Stock, and Body View

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The only purpose of the clone is indeed to make its placement independent from the original model. It was introduced mainly fo the purpose of milling other sides than the top of XY plane. If you have moved it, you can simply refresh the stock to realign it or do as Gene indicated.

If you really want to link the clone's Placement property to the original, you can do it via expression, the details can be found in the Placement documentation.
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