generic FC-freelancer-Business proposal

Post here if you have a FreeCAD-related job to offer to the FreeCAD community. This can include programming or modeling.
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generic FC-freelancer-Business proposal

Postby teobo » Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:25 am

this is not a strictly formatted job offer, but in broader contracting sense a

call to start some smaller or longer termed deal from ideas on top of freecad in conjunction with the one person of mine.

I have been searching around in my capital home town in Germany for this type of "jokes" in so called real world "hacker spaces" without any hits, so this is next stage. It seems that I -still- can not work without a partner in a today market, where such products could fit. (mainly FEM and CAD Python stuff in my special case and imagination).
I have the one or the other replacement, free software launch ahead, which one could one tool real world projects.
Examples: One could for example "replace" and then offer service to house companies or owners on top of:
ZUB E-CAD® - die ideale Ergänzung zu ZUB Helena®
ZUB E-CAD ermöglicht Ihnen die grafische Zonierung nach DIN V 18599. Selbst komplexe Gebäudegeometrien können Sie mit E-CAD einfach und schnell erfassen und anschließend in unser bewährtes EnEV-Berechnungsprogramm ZUB Helena® importieren.
Das könnte Sie auch interessieren:
ZUB Argos® Pro - Wärmebrücken und Oberflächenfeuchte im Griff
Nachweis von 2D-Wärmebrücken und Bauteiltemperaturen für Feuchteschutzanalysen an beliebigen Anschlussdetails. Gesamtlösung zur Psi-(Ψ) und f-Wert-Berechnung mit Word-Ausgabe, dxf/dwg-Import sowie über 100 mitgelieferte Wärmebrücken-Details als Grundlage für eigene Berechnungen.

This is mainly in English: site measuring and heat bridge calculations for buildings, but there is nothing against you come up with applications from your personal background.
I have been doing the above for at least the first part successfully once, and for sure it is to admit, that there is no guarantee, that these products will return money, not even that one got stuff, ready to sustain. Being that reasons of quality, market allowance, missing customers' orders. Being serious there is no chance, but if you are set out to do that anyway, this offer could be worth a thought.

If you neither likely to be someone to work for a company whole time, nor wish to build up mere hobby models, but wish to earn money for one's own living with FC, feel free in thinking of launching something of this together and contact me therefore by "Private message of this forum".
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Re: generic FC-freelancer-Business proposal

Postby tille » Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:44 pm

I reply here as I didn't find the option for private messages. What is your idea of working together? Do you want do develop software based on FreeCAD like the mentioned calculation tool? Or would you like to offer services in engineering? Your idea sounds interesting to me (I'm mechanical engineer and doing a master in environmental, energy and building technologies), but then again, coming from using tools like ansys and NX (knowing that they take around 70 man-years to develop), FreeCAD looks like it still has long way to go.
But, I also have little programming skills (Visual Basic :), so I probably can't fully grasp the possibilities