Learn Python (Beginners Guide) MangoJelly Solutions

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Learn Python (Beginners Guide) MangoJelly Solutions

Post by thomas-neemann »

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KujiAIH ... zXt7zlSIsh

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falls ein video-link von mir schwarz und nicht anklickbar sein sollte, hier der kanal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVcztV ... 03GgKekj_g
es ist auch möglich auf antworten zu klicken um den link zu sehen.
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Re: Learn Python (Beginners Guide) MangoJelly Solutions

Post by DanielLeeWenger »

I stumbled onto this series (Learning Python for FreeCAD Users) while searching youTube. I am a long time programmer in C and LiveCode and a relative newcomer to FreeCAD. I started FreeCAD in Jan. 2020. At the time I had no Python experience or 3D CAD experience. The learning curve was quite steep and long but after about 6 months I was beginning to feel somewhat comfortable with the basics.

My understanding of the Python behind FreeCAD was nil. After 1 1/2 years of work with FreeCAD I wanted to understand Python so that I could write macros. After some web instruction on Python I began to realize a similarity between LIveCode and Python and my understanding began to grow. But how to apply what I was learning to FreeCAD was still a mystery.

The series by MangoJelly on youTube has proven to be a perfect way of beginning to learn how to understand the innards of FreeCAD and to begin to design macros.

Thank you MangoJelly. You are a very good teacher and your choice of a subject to explore is perfect.

I do not know MangoJelly and am not affiliated with him in any way.
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Re: Learn Python (Beginners Guide) MangoJelly Solutions

Post by miniellipse »

I second this. Those tutorials are some of the best and he keeps on making more.
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