[Fixed]Build fails with todays source

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Re: Build fails with todays source

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I was working on the integration of this PR: https://github.com/FreeCAD/FreeCAD/pull/5355

Since there was still some issues I have checked out it locally and made some changes on it. In order to avoid an extra commit or a separate branch that will be squashed it's possible to make the changes directly with:

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git cherry-pick --ff <HASH>
git reset --soft HEAD~1
# make the changes
git add <modified files>
git commit -C HEAD@{1}
git push
Since I was not patient enough to wait for the build to be finished I already called git add <modified files> before fixing the "==" issue.
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Re: [Fixed]Build fails with todays source

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Werner, ... you're fired :lol:
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Re: [Fixed]Build fails with todays source

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Thank you!
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