Non-managed funding concept #1A

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Non-managed funding concept #1A

Postby freedman » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:40 pm

I called Paypal (Integration div) and described the plight of open source software donations. Neither one of us had a full working concept so I thought maybe we could work out the details here and maybe Paypal could pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Here are my goals:
1) No one manages the money, immediate transfer, no holdings, secure transaction.
2) Donation identifications are not disclosed.
3) Low cost transfer.
4) Multinational usage.
5) Full disclosure of funds received.

Description of above topics by number: I'm not sure about any of this.....

1) Someone or multiple someones might need to be registered account managers with Paypal to change the account text. Paypal would need to set up a form for this to work, Managers would add to a list, developers and their projects. There wouldn't be any real information in the form, mostly just links and a short message describing the project. A button press links to the developers Paypal account for a donation and updates the account statement page (see below). I'm using developer as anyone doing anything to advance the project. The developer would ask to be placed on the list and explain what they intend to do. The Manager updates the donate page with a link and/or description and is finished.

2) The donor is not disclosed or listed to protect the donor from ridicule or small parades in their honor. :)

3) Paypal is a flat 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. So a $10 donation will cost $.29 plus $.30 or $.59. For $100 dollars it would be $3.20.

4) Paypal works all over the world but they might not do all currencies. I noticed they had a Charity donation concept that only excepts dollars.

5) What I want is a sign-in statement, anyone can sign in to view only. In that statement is a list of developers (all kinds). Anyone can view how much a developer has been donated on a project.

If we could get that much work out of Paypal I think it would do the job.