Re: GSOC 2019 Thread (Wrapping up)

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Re: GSoC 2019

Postby wimmac_01 » Fri Dec 27, 2019 4:52 pm

yorik wrote: Fri Nov 16, 2018 7:31 pm The project ideas we had for previous years are still valid I would say. Maybe we could add a couple of new ones, maybe something related to documentation?

I'll also add a BRL-CAD/FreeCAD integration idea...
How is this topic progressing? In my organisation we are using BRL-CAD as our 3D geometric modeller in our (V/L) simulation tooling.
(V/L Vulnerability/Lethality)
We would be very interested in an integration of BRL-CAD in FreeCAD.

At this moment we have an extensive library of 3D models which we can use for our (V/L) simulations.
The (V/L) simulation tool uses the fast raytracing module of BRL-CAD and can modify the geometry or add new geometry for visualisation of the results.

To generate new 3D models or modify the existing models we have to use the MGED or the Archer program of BRL-CAD software, which has a very steep learning curve for new users. It is also not possible to generate 2D drafts with dimensions of the 3D models.

Please let me know what the status of this topic is, we might be interested in follow up work.