preCICE, DifferentialEquations.jl, DiffEqFlux.jl, SUNDIALS, CasADi, Modia

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preCICE, DifferentialEquations.jl, DiffEqFlux.jl, SUNDIALS, CasADi, Modia

Postby saso » Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:51 am

This is a new topic abut the last three presentations (and some related things) from ... yiz1misw3a that I have already posted under the Modelica topic ... 20#p345717 since they are about a few things that are not directly related to Modelica, but are IMO interesting enough to have a closer look at them individually... And another, somewhat related topic on Julia and one more about HYPRE, PETSc, Trilinos, MAGMA, SLATE

Partitioning and Coupling of Multi-Physics PDE Simulations

Precise Code Interaction Coupling Environment

Recent advancements in differential equation solver software

Multi-language suite for high-performance solvers of differential equations

A Comparison Between Differential Equation Solver Suites In MATLAB, R, Julia, Python, C, Mathematica, Maple, and Fortran ... c-fortran/

DifferentialEquations.jl 3.0 and a Roadmap for 4.0 ... admap-4-0/

The Unique Features and Performance of DifferentialEquations.jl

Intro to solving differential equations in Julia

Solving Partial Differential Equations with Julia

Julia and DifferentialEquations.jl

A Deep Introduction to Julia for Data Science and Scientific Computing

Auto-Optimization and Parallelism in DifferentialEquations.jl

DifferentialEquations.jl Tutorials

DifferentialEquations.jl + Flux.jl = Neural differential equations with O(1) backprop, GPUs, and stiff+non-stiff DE solvers

DiffEqFlux.jl – A Julia Library for Neural Differential Equations

The Essential Tools of Scientific Machine Learning (Scientific ML) ... ntific-ml/

How To Train Interpretable Neural Networks That Accurately Extrapolate From Small Data ... mall-data/

Scientific AI: Domain Models with Integrated Machine Learning

Neural Ordinary Differential Equations with DiffEqFlux

Universal Differential Equations for Scientific Machine Learning

Parallel Computing and Scientific Machine Learning (MIT Course) ... OPg/videos

Special Subject in Mathematics: Applications of Scientific Machine Learning (MIT Course)

SciML: An Open Source Software Organization for Scientific Machine Learning

Doing Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) With Julia

SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic Equation Solvers

Julia interface to Sundials, including a nonlinear solver (KINSOL), ODE's (CVODE and ARKODE), and DAE's (IDA)

CasADi is an open-source tool for nonlinear optimization and algorithmic differentiation

CasADi videos ... RLw/videos

Lecture Notes on Numerical Optimization (link from CasADi Docs)

Convex Optimization (free book from the above lecture notes)

Numerical Optimization (another free book on the topic) ... 87-40065-5

A Prototyping Platform for Next Generation Modeling and Simulation based on Julia

Domain Specific Extension of Julia for Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation of 3D systems

Modia - A Domain Specific Extension of Julia

Modia3D: Modeling and Simulation of 3D-Systems in Julia