Free Silicon Conference, FSiC2020 - invitation to speak

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Free Silicon Conference, FSiC2020 - invitation to speak

Postby ediloren » Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:56 pm

Hi guys,

I have been invited to speak again to the Free Silicon Conference, FSiC2020 (, where last year I also had some collateral pitch about FreeCAD.

The organizers asked me if anybody from the major FreeCAD developers / supporters was interested to participate directly this year. I must tell upfront that speakers will undergo a selection process, as the number of speaking slots is limited, but I believe this would be yet another nice opportunity to pitch FreeCAD, even if the context is of course not the 3D parametric CAD panorama directly, but free IC design.

Is this anything that may appeal any of you? Dates are June 4-6 2020 in Zurich.

Thanks and ciao,