LinuxCNC-alternative for path workbench (CAM) users

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LinuxCNC-alternative for path workbench (CAM) users

Postby shaise » Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:22 am

Hi everyone,

I am a long-time user of LinuxCNC to run my chineese CNC 3040. This is a fantastic CNC driver but it has 2 main drawbacks: 1. you must use a dedicated realtime linux system, and 2. You need a parallel port which becomes extinct.
This was a bit problematic when I wanted to use an old Windows laptop with no parallel port to run my CNC.

So I went for a side project - A windows version of linuxCNC that uses an inexpensive adapter that runs Grbl, hence is USB based and no parallel port is needed. This is not the simple grbl out there, this uses a flavor called grblHAL, which is a powerful version, and supports almost all GCodes linuxCNC does, as well as support for 5 Axes.
Hence it is compatible with the linuxcnc post processor of the Path Workbench.
If anyone is interested in using it, here is a video introduction and here is the Wiki page
grblcnc.jpg (137.98 KiB) Viewed 334 times