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Re: Suggestions

Postby efyx » Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:40 pm

bejant wrote: Personally, I like that behavior and don't want to have to press Esc and then an OK button.
there is no need for that, easy thing, just to put first time a popup with a checking box to remember your decision (of course should it be somewhere in options able to change that in each moment).

I checked that issue #1518 and that's look ok for me, also great idea is to recall last command with an enter button - it makes work much faster.
I previously also talked about smart dimensions, instead of picking vertical or horizontal or radius dimension, I should use one button which is smart and if I move down mouse it will make horizontal dimension and if I move right it will make vertical dimension (when two pointch checked) or if I click circle it should by it self make a radius (or diameter).