Reorient not working - or?

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Reorient not working - or?

Postby OldDraftsman » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:19 pm

Or, is it me?

Seems to me to be an 0.18 thing. I Reorient a Sketch, I respond with "Yes" and then "Cancel." When I try to delete the Pad (or whatever) immediately next above it, I get the "might break," message. I seem to recall never having this issue with 0.16 and was often able to stack five or six Reorients if I need to remove an Object earlier in the tree.

Using the same FC file (Holes) as before, but see the Sketch002 for a soon-to-be Pad on the top right corner. Reorient Sketch002, then try to delete the Pad001. I have been answering it "Yes" with no bad results so far, but shouldn't it be allowing the deletion without the message?

Also, sometimes the Reorient is grayed out when it would never have been in 0.16. I have not been able to reproduce that yet, but it has happened often enough for it to be real -- or?
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