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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby ppemawm » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:09 pm

Another tribute to FreeCAD: ... ost-329571

This is an interesting forum to follow if you are a gear head and fascinated by miniature engines.
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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby Kunda1 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:53 am

phpBB [video]
Our friend, @Celica_Supra (aka Joko Engineering) has made this awesome tutorial demoing the surfacing capabilities of FC
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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby bitacovir » Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:34 pm

Here FreeCAD logo in a pitch of the Blender Conference 2019
Min 08:16
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FreeCAD on the web

Postby keithsloan52 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:18 am

Here Are 7 of the Best Alternatives to SolidWorks

Not sure if this has been posted before but FreeCAD gets a recommend ... oXwBVBCnKk
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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby Bance » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:44 pm

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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby Celica_Supra » Thu Dec 05, 2019 4:46 am

Thank you!
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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby » Sun Dec 22, 2019 10:00 am

"Parametric CAD modeling for open source scientific hardware: Comparing OpenSCAD and FreeCAD Python scripts" ... ne.0225795

Mentioned here ... 86#p355486
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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby shiftee » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:01 pm

[Ohio LinuxFest 2019] FreeCAD for Newbies (cuz I’m one too)
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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby Joel_graff » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:38 pm

FreeCAD at Ohio LinuxFest! After I presented there last year, I had thought about coming back for a FreeCAD BoF session, but I really don't have the expertise to make a good show of it. Really glad someone else did! Wish I'd gone back this year!
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Re: FreeCAD on the web

Postby saso » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:15 pm

phpBB [video]


Mod Edit: See 1m36s for zoomed out shot of FC being used on a workstation
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