VCS gitignore, discussion of what files should be added to `.gitignore`

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VCS gitignore, discussion of what files should be added to `.gitignore`

Postby ipatch » Wed May 05, 2021 11:15 pm

i've been building several different versions of freecad locally. i have my freecad src directory setup to track several different remotes ie. realthunders fork, a fork designated for mac bundling (work in progress), and the main upstream master branch.

i have the following directory structure

╰─λ tree -L

├── 37.files.txt
├── build.hyarion
├── build.master
├── build.real.thunder
├── build.realthunder -> build.real.thunder
├── build.vej.macbundle
├── fcBldDir -> build.master
├── freecad -> freecad-src
├── freecad-src
├── freecad-src-realthunder
├── -> build.master
└── freecad.src -> freecad-src

12 directories, 2 files

from time to time i run a cmake cmd from within the main src dir of freecad which will place a `CMakeCache.txt` within the `./freecad` dir, and then when i go to run a different cmake cmd things aren't updated because that file is checked into the `.gitignore` file.

I know the sample .gitignore file for cmake projects has that file listed within the .gitignore but having that file ignored tends to lead to problems of its own.

curious if any has run into this issue as well. basically i have to remove the file from the `freecad` src dir.