Techdraw and Spreadsheet. Multiline text and exact table position

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Techdraw and Spreadsheet. Multiline text and exact table position

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I was just drawing some drawings for my job. I encountered two problems and I write them here just to know if there is any workaround for I want to do or maybe to propose a possible improvements for both Spreadsheet and Techdraw modules.

What I want to do is to insert a Revisions table in my drawing. The description of a Revision could have multiline text. I wanted the revision table to be positioned and sized to match the upper and left and right corners of the drawing area delimiters.

About multiline text, Freecad 0.20 Spreadsheet seems to accept copy/pasted multiline text from a text editor. Freecad 0.19 does not. However, when the Spreadsheet is inserted in the drawing, the multiline text is shown as a single line. The workaround is to avoid multiline texts at all, and use merge cells to have one revision related to multiple description lines.

And when I want to position and size the table in the drawing, to size it correctly I need to iterate with columns size. No problem as I can do it only once and save the File containing the Spreadsheet as a Revisions Table template. Left/Right positioning is not a problem too. Is easy to match to the drawing area delimiters in the drawing, but vertically align to the upper delimiter line is difficult because the reference point of the table position in drawing is caught at the center of the table and not at the top of the table, so as you add new rows to be included, the entire table shifts up. I think that preferably the reference point should be the upper left corner of the table and not the center.

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Re: Techdraw and Spreadsheet. Multiline text and exact table position

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Could you please add your FreeCAD information and an example file? Have a look at my signature..
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