Path wiki documentation: some issues / tasks

Here's the place for discussion related to CAM/CNC and the development of the Path module.
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Path wiki documentation: some issues / tasks

Postby Roy_043 » Thu May 13, 2021 11:04 am

Some issues / tasks related to the Path wiki documentation:

I have added 11 existing pages to the Path category. These pages should be checked. It may be a good idea to check all pages in the Path category. Some are perhaps obsolete, some have been marked as 'In progress' for a very long time now, etc.
The 11 pages are:
The Path category:

On the Path WB page the headings and the order of the commands need to be checked.
Under the 'Path Commands' heading there are links that do not make sense. The 'Path Tools', 'Fourth Axis' and the 'Path Preferences' pages do not document commands.
The order of the commands on the wiki page is different from that in Path menu. This may be a deliberate choice. But even with that in mind I find it hard to understand that the 'Post Process' command comes 2nd in the menu but 4th on the wiki page.

When the order mentioned under #2 is fixed, the Docnav order of the pages should be updated accordingly. The Docnav order is a mess currently.

I can do that last part, but not the first two.