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Per tab task view?

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:21 pm
by jnxd
I have noticed that the task dialogs do not change at all while switching between tabs. For example we can be stuck with the sketch edit dialog even when the tab we switched to does not even contain a sketch. I propose we implement a more sophisticated system that contextually changes the task view whenever the view is changed.

Some brainstorming would have to be done as to under which circumstances the task must switch. For example we might not want to allow editing any other aspect of the same body when we are changing one aspect. Further, my understanding of CAx is restricted to Sketcher, PartDesign, Drawing and FEM workbenches, so I'd want to know how useful this would be for the rest of the WB users like Arch.

I do not plan to do the implementation myself (at least not at the present), but I'd like the community's opinion on this topic.