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Re: Selector toolbar

Post by triplus » Sun May 26, 2019 8:16 pm

Hi @easyw-fc

AFAIR it was done on purpose. For being able to get results like this: ... 20#p169289

I don't have a strong opinion on this as both options work fine for me. If some feel FreeCAD stylesheets should change in this regard best to discuss that here:

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Re: Selector toolbar

Post by pablogil » Sun May 26, 2019 9:35 pm

easyw-fc wrote:
Sun May 26, 2019 7:57 pm
triplus wrote:
Sun May 26, 2019 7:46 pm
there is also a small issue with dark themes (i.e. Dark-blue)

Could you describe the issue? I cannot see it... the darker background color is correct, what is not is the color of the active workbench which has to meet with the regular toolbar background...
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Re: Selector toolbar

Post by adrianinsaval » Sun May 26, 2019 11:23 pm

triplus wrote:
Sun May 26, 2019 7:46 pm
adrianinsaval wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 2:21 am
Hi! Was this addon ever adapted to python 3? It has some wierd behavior in the current release. The menu doesn't seem to work and it stops functioning altogether when you move it with this error message:
Thanks for reporting the issue. This is likely PySide2/Qt5 related issue. I removed the line altogether and therefore please update selector toolbar module and test again.
Thanks, it can be moved without issues now. The menu is still not working and doesn't give any error message, I don't know what more info I can provide. It has the same function as the workbench toolbar itself so it's no big deal.

This addon is really practical, keep up the good work!

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