gmsh 4.4.0 Released

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gmsh 4.4.0 Released

Post by Kunda1 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:04 pm

4.4.0 (July 1, 2019): new STL remeshing workflow (with new ClassifySurfaces
command in .geo files); added API support for color options, mesh optimization,
recombination, smoothing and shape healing; exposed additional METIS options;
improved support for periodic entities (multiple curves with the same start/end
points, legacy MSH2 format, periodic surfaces with embedded entities); added
mesh renumbering also after interactive mesh modifications; improved support for
OpenCASCADE ellipse arcs; new interactive filter in visibility window; flatter
GUI; small bug fixes.

* Incompatible API changes: mesh/getJacobians and mesh/getBasisFunctions now
take integration points explicitely; mesh/setNodes and mesh/setElements have
been replaced by mesh/addNodes and mesh/addElements; added optional arguments
to mesh/classifySurfaces and occ/addSurfaceLoop; changed arguments of
occ/addEllipseArc to follow geo/addEllipseArc.
source: ... NGELOG.txt
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