OK, I'm Stuck... Complete Newbie

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Re: OK, I'm Stuck... Complete Newbie

Post by freedman » Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:22 am

We use shapebinders to share body info. You can imagine that we always want to fit stuff together so the shapebinder allows us to kind-of take a snap-shoot of one body and use it in the other body for reference. In your case we would want to know that the lid has clearance to fit the box. Since both bodies are visible in one file we can look at them stacked-up and visually know they fit. You really don't even need dimensions once you get good at judging size, a least for the home projects.
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Problems with visability of the grid and the mouse coordinates

Post by Xamp » Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:25 pm

I have the same trouble since 2019 that I use Freecad from version 0.17.
The grid dissapears without any reason and when the grid is present I can't read the cursor coördinates well because the coordinates at the mouse pointer show up behind the grid or behind the drawing object.
I think there is something wrong with the management of the different layers?

In 0.18 the both problems are still there.
Despite the grid is only a visual aid, the grid is necessary for a starter like me, in order to find the right starting points quickly.
For the coordinates it is more urgent. I can't draw when there are problems with the visability of the coordinates at the mouse pointer.

At first I thought is was due to my video card but my other computers show the same problem. On the forum read that I am not the obly one.

I hope someone is able to solve this?
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