Reordering / Insertion of Boolean Operations

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Re: Reordering / Insertion of Boolean Operations

Post by nelno » Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:15 pm

papyblaise wrote:
Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:08 am
the work does not seem to me badly organized, except for the nut holes
I redid one last Boolean subtraction and hide the nuts (kik space bar)
this is the advantage of Part that allows you to reuse the same object several times easily
you have to complicate by grouping all the sketches, it is better to do them as you go
Thanks for taking a look. It seems my main problem was just not understanding that the "Base" and "Tool" properties were editable by using the "..." button once they were selected.

The nut holes "solids" were only visible so that I could show them in the screenshots. I didn't mean to leave them visible in the project file. What I wanted to do was get rid of the nut holes completely, not just hide them.

As for the Sketches, I find it somewhat confusing that FreeCAD wants to duplicate sketches all of the time. I don't need that many sketches for my parts and it seems like duplicating them would mean that if I make a change to one, I would have to make it to the copies, which would defeat the entire purpose of having Sketches at all. As such, I was trying to keep them organized, but I wasn't being consistent about copy / pasting them or creating references. The confusion is really because FreeCAD's dialog recommends creating an independent copy, but it seems to me I would want a reference.

I'm not sure, though, if Sketches support being attached to multiple surfaces, or if you need 1 sketch (and thus a copy) per surface... or if a reference would do fine.
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