Shapebinder fusion: remove it?

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Shapebinder fusion: remove it?

Postby DeepSOIC » Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:24 pm

I want to attempt fixing shapebinder placement bug, reported here:

I noticed, there is fusion going on under the hood, and it doesn't seem right to me. Shapebinder is only used for linking, and fusion is a great way to mess up the indexing. So I'd like to change it to a compound, but that might break some older projects (probably, very few).

The code: ... r.cpp#L160

Code: Select all

Part::TopoShape ShapeBinder::buildShapeFromReferences( Part::Feature* obj, std::vector< std::string > subs) {

    if (!obj)
        return TopoDS_Shape();

    if (subs.empty())
        return obj->Shape.getShape();

    //if we use multiple subshapes we build a shape from them by fusing them together
    Part::TopoShape base;
    std::vector<TopoDS_Shape> operators;
    for (std::string sub : subs) {
        if (base.isNull())
            base = obj->Shape.getShape().getSubShape(sub.c_str());

    try {
        if (!operators.empty() && !base.isNull())
            return base.fuse(operators); //                <----    !!!!!!!!!!
    catch (...) {
        return base;
    return base;
Fusion might be not that bad if shapes share topology - I think, OCC detects that, and doesn't search for intersections. But if they don't, fusion will probably do nothing except wasting cpu cycles (and if the subs actually intersect, which is pretty unlikely but is still possible, new edges are not at all helpful IMO).

Any objections for changing fusion to compounding?
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Re: Shapebinder fusion: remove it?

Postby NormandC » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:00 pm

Something to take into consideration, before doing this change. At one point, ickby and I discussed of expanding the ShapeBinder functionality to transform it into a base feature through a parameter. My lunch break is nearly over so I don't have time to locate the discussion or Mantis ticket.
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Re: Shapebinder fusion: remove it?

Postby RatonLaveur » Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:53 am

I'm reviving an old post here, we were having a discussion with some people including abdullah

regarding the possibility of extracting direct usable geometry from a shapebinder. Either construction (not just reference) or real geometry.

I think your last statement NormandC actually taps into this idea, making the shapebinder as a basefeature so I wanted to leave a connection between the two discussions here.