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"Getting started" Page

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This is one of the main pages, but it stay in bad state.

1. It is not clear why there are references to old versions of FreeCAD. 0.18, 0.17 etc...
It's probably better to just not specify the versions. This is unnecessary.

2. And why start page calls as start center.
This should be fixed.

3. Why make the 3D view a separate item in the interface overview.
In place of a 3D View tab, can be a skecth, a spreadsheet, or a drawing.
The strings:
1. The main view area, which can contain different tabbed windows, principally the 3D view.
2. The 3D view, showing the geometrical objects in the document.
I would replace it with
1. Main view - can contain various tabbed windows. In this case, the three-dimensional view tab is open.
2. Tabs of the main view - a list of all open objects and documents in the form of tabs.
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